Leonardo Manukapp

By day, a dedicated music therapy scientist (PhD student at the Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research, ARU); by night, a passionate composer and singer.

Music Therapy Scientist, Musician & Composer.

Drawings by Tami

Bossa Nueva at Riverside Studios

An iconic venue during an evening on the river side at Hammersmith.

Leonardo celebrates Life, Love, Friends & Science in his Bossa Nueva Album.

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Latest Music:

Join us for a night of enchanting music and romance at the Gazette Restaurant inside the French Institute in London, UK! Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies of Bossa Nueva, a genre that blends Brazilian bossa nova with Latin influences. This in-person event is the premiere of Leonardo Manukapp's unreleased guitar album 'Bossa Nueva del Amor'. Leonardo Muller-Rodriguez's rhythmic, multilingual lyrics explore Love's many facets.

Latest Article - Music & Science 

Have a read about Leonardo's Scientific study with a primary school about music, meditation and reading on emotional regulation for children. 

French Primary School Marie D'Orliac, London, article

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