Gamify Sales Funnel

Level up your sales funnel?

Gamify it!

Lighten up retro game nostalgia in your customers, 

or bring them into the company's vision with an interactive fantasy world...

Flock Automatic Video

Simple & Fun

Simplify the text and pictures that describe your product or service and represent it concisely with an interactive video game 

Bleargh Autoplay


Make the games a challenge and give rewards and discounts to the players to keep your customers returning 


Take your customers through a story that represents your brand, whether you wish to gamify the tale of the founders or you want to immerse your prospects and customers in a world of imagination and hope.

What story can your brand tell?


Case Study - Demo

This case study is the demo level for a british fashion company that has a strong african root and clientelle. The game would be placed on the website of the company. The goal is to gain as many points as possible, which can be accumulated by retaining as many 'lives', metro cards and do it as quickly as possible (save time). The points would allow clients to appear on a leaderboard, and if they reach a certain position or a certain number of points, would get a discount, exclusivity or some other benefit. 

Client scoreboards - smartphone apps

Create fun and catchy games for smartphones that require scoreboards during seasons of promotion on new products or services to incentivize your customers with a fun finger tapping video game.

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